Year 4

Welcome to year 4!

Year 4 is lead by Mr Hough and he is supported by Lynn Carter

At Prendergast Vale, in year 4, we really focus on improving the basic skills we have learnt in KS1. Whilst year 3 involves a transition phase from the infant years, year 4 is where children consolidate and improve upon their basic skills in reading writing and maths. Children are taught are how improve the quality and effectiveness of their writing by using varied types of sentences and other punctuation. Greater use of dictionaries and thesauri is also encouraged as well as peer marking and support. We use the Collins 'Big Cat' reading scheme books.

In maths, by the end of year 4, the times tables up to 12 should be memorized, therefore regular tests and games to achieve this are included every week. Children are also encouraged to become more fluent with whole numbers and the 4 operations, as well as with place value. Both written and mental methods are practised during the year. Properties of shapes and converting measures into different units involve both written and practical work.

In science we cover a range of topics , from sound to materials; animals including humans to states of matter, and electricity. Through these topics the skills of investigating, predicting, observing, recording, concluding and reporting are practised. Sometimes we make use of the science labs in the secondary part of school.

Some of the topics we are teaching this year, which we deliver through history, geography, art, design and English are the Anglo-Saxons, The Vikings, London and the Human Body. We organize school trips to enhance the learning for the classes.

Year 3 and 4 also benefit from a residential trip to Wrotham, where they practise being independent and resilient, whilst participating in outdoor challenges, as well as having great fun.

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