Prendergast Vale has been heavily over-subscribed for the past three years.  This means that we are unable to offer a place at Prendergast Vale to everyone who applies and this is disappointing for many parents and students.

However, every parent who fails to secure a place a Prendergast Vale for their child is offered the opportunity to appeal against the admissions decision and each appeal is heard by an independent panel, all of whom have experience in the education sector.  The appeals panel is unrelated to the school and each appeal is considered on its own merits. Parents have the opportunity to set forward their case and to submit documents in support of the case they are making.

If your child is not offered a place at Prendergast Vale, the school will write to you explaining the basis on which the decision has been taken.  An Appeals form will be enclosed with that letter and if you wish to appeal against the admissions decision, you should complete and return the Appeals form within the timescale set out in the letter.

Following the deadline for the submission of appeals, you will receive further information about the appeals process and be offered the opportunity to submit your supporting documentation, which must be submitted to the appeals panel in advance of the date on which the appeal is to be heard.

The deadline for receipt of appeals for Reception intake 2018 is Tuesday 8th May 2018. Appeals received after this closing date will not be heard until the start of the academic year in 2018. Appeals submitted on time will be heard June/July 2018.