Wrap-around Care

At Prendergast Vale we have wrap around provision which is provided by SugarPlumz.

After school club runs from 3pm to 6.15pm.

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Please also click the link below for Sugarplumz latest Ofsted Report of 18th December 2023


Children are excited to attend the after-school club and look forward to seeing their friends. They are kind and considerate towards each other. Children have access to an organised indoor space. They use mark-making tools, handle scissors and manipulate play dough. There is a spacious outdoor area, where children enjoy using outdoor play equipment, such as hula hoops and bicycles. Children giggle with laughter as they interact with their peers. They are happy and like coming to the after-school club, commenting that they like cooking activities. There are strong partnerships with parents and good systems in place. Parents receive regular communication in a timely way. Staff give parents a newsletter, so they can keep up to date with activities in the after-school club