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To contact an individual member of staff please see below :-

All staff in the school have an email address that follows the same pattern: For example,

When emailing staff, we ask that you follow our code of conduct:

  • adhere to the generally accepted rules of network etiquette, particularly in relation to appropriate language
  • email during acceptable working hours, i.e. 8am-5pm
  • avoid revealing any personal information about oneself in email communication
  • complaints should be emailed to the email address
  • We aim to respond to your emails within 72 hours.


To travel to the school:

Lewisham bus map


These are the buses going to the area by Bus Stops:

Lewisham (Stop FF): 21 (Molesworth Street) and 436 (Molesworth Street)

Lewisham Bus Station: 89, 181, 284, 321, 484, 621, N21, P4

Lewisham (Stop D): 47, 75, 136, 185, 208, 225, N47, N136

Molesworth Street: 108, 178, 261

Molesworth Street (Stop Q): 931 (Crystal Palace Parade)


From Lewisham Station, these are the directions:

Turn right on to the A20, go straight then turn left on Elmira Street until you find the school on your right hand side.

Prendergast Vale School,
Elmira Street,
SE13 7BN

Telephone: 020 8297 3540

E-mail Address:

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