We are building a family at Prendergast Vale with academic excellence at the heart of everything we do.

We are Prendergast Vale School, catering for both boys and girls of all ages from 3 to 16. Our aim is for every student who leaves this school at age 16 to be on the path to university leading to successful careers with good prospects. To make this happen, we ensure that the academic and social development of every student is at the heart of what we do. Not only should students have well regarded qualifications when they leave school but they will also acquire character traits that will enable them to be successful in life. Traits such as optimism, resilience and confidence are developed throughout all subjects and through extra curricular activities.

We are a very special community; as our school motto says ‘in perpetuum discimus’ - we are forever learning, and we hope that you will consider the possibility of your child continuing their learning in our family.

Mr D Kamya