Funded Childcare Survey

All children in England aged 3 and 4 years old are entitled to 15 hours of free childcare in an early years setting. From September 2017, msot households with two working parents/carers and working lone parent/carers will be eligible to receive and additional 15 hours childcare. 

This 30 hour entitlement may be taken over 38 wekks of the year in line with school term times or it may be possible to 'stretch' the entitlement across more weeks of the year with less hours per week. 

Lewisham Council would like your views on how your family could best make use of these additional hours. 

The survey is completely anonymous, takes just 4-7 minutes to complete and is an opportunity for you to help us deliver childcare that best meets the needs of your children and family. Please share your views:


Posted on 12th January 2017