The London Russian Ballet School at The Palladium

On Monday 18th September, some Year 7 children got a chance to go the London Palladium! At 5.45pm we waited outside Prendergast Vale School waiting for the coach to arrive. When the coach finally arrived, we all clambered on. I was partnered with a classmate. Some of us snoozed on the coach and woke up  when we arrived at the London Palladium. We strolled through the security check. The walls were pearly white and the red carpet was soft beneath our shoes. We settled down in our seats. Suddenly the lights went out. It was dark and silent. The show was starting! I was so excited, I squealed!

Two women came on to the stage and started twirling. It was so beautiful and the music made me calm.

On the way home I told my classmate that my favourite  part was when a male dancer did a handstand and twirled a lady dancer around, in the air. It was magical!

Year 7 Student


Posted on 27th September 2017