Events at Prendergast Vale, Fri 1 Nov

PVS Choir enrichment

The music department at Prendergast Vale School is proud to announce that is has relaunched its prestigious Gospel Choir!

Run by one of our talented City Years (with the help and support of Ms Ikomi and Ms Georgiadou) the choir rehearsed twice and then performed at the Monday 14 October lunchtime Music Fest.

Older students in the group support our Year 7 newbies by running warm up exercises and by tackling some of the more difficult solos. It is amazing what a choir can achieve in a short amount of time; as long as there is love for singing and enthusiasm!
‘I used to sing in a choir at my primary school and I really enjoyed it!’ Brianna
‘I like the song and I was also at the choir at my old school!’ Pamela
‘I remember singing this song in assembly. I really like it!' Najma

Choir Oct 2019 v2


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