School Policies

You may also wish to visit the Federation policy page which has policies that span the three Federation schools.

Please email us at if you require papers copies of any of the policies below

Name Date  
Attendance & Punctuality Policy 30th Mar 2017 Download
Behaviour Policy 22nd Jun 2018 Download
Careers Education and Guidance Policy 29th Jan 2018 Download
Charging and Remission Policy 27th Sep 2017 Download
Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy - Federation 21st Nov 2018 Download
Complaints Policy 05th Jan 2018 Download
Complaints Policy Appendix 1 05th Jan 2018 Download
Complaints Policy Appendix 2 05th Jan 2018 Download
Data Protection Policy 28th Jun 2018 Download
Determined Admissions Policy 2018-2019 27th Sep 2017 Download
Determined Admissions Policy 2019-20 01st Nov 2018 Download
E-Safety Policy 01st Sep 2017 Download
Equality Information and Objectives 19th Oct 2017 Download
GDPR Privacy Notice for Pupils 01st Nov 2018 Download
Health & Safety Policy 17th May 2017 Download
Parent and Visitor Code of Conduct 28th Oct 2016 Download
Parental and Community Engagement Policy 08th Nov 2018 Download
Policy Statement on Provider Access 25th Jan 2018 Download
Prendergast Vale Homework Policy 27th Sep 2017 Download
Prendergast Vale School SEN Offer 22nd Jun 2018 Download
Procedure in the event of a major incident 28th Sep 2017 Download
Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-19 11th Dec 2018 Download
Pupils With Medical Conditions Policy 12th Dec 2017 Download
Revised Prevent Duty Guidance England and Wales 11th Jan 2016 Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection - Information for Visitors 11th Jun 2018 Download
Safeguarding Statement 06th Dec 2017 Download
SEN Information Report and Accessibility 27th Sep 2017 Download
SEND Policy 04th Dec 2018 Download
Sex and Relationship Education Policy 28th Sep 2017 Download
Statement of Behaviour Principles 28th Sep 2017 Download
Volunteers in School Policy 28th Sep 2017 Download