Our Team



Mr D Kamya


Mr C Chambers

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Wijnberg

Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning

Mr M Shaw

Assistant Headteacher for Assessment & Performance

Ms A Rodriguez

Associate Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour

Mrs C Cooper

Associate Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion

Ms E Long 

Head of Primary





Ms C Annansingh

Lead Teacher of Maths & Teacher of Year 6

Mr L Hough

Lead Teacher of Literacy & Teacher of Year 5H

Ms U Akalawu

Teacher of Year 5A

Ms I Whitehall

Teacher of Year 4

Mr O Pereira

Teacher of Year 3

Ms L Grant

Teacher of Year 2 & Acting Lead Teacher of KS1

Mr J Montebello

Teacher of Year 2

Ms S Ross

Teacher of Year 1

Ms A Coy

Teacher of Reception

Mrs J Mitchell

Acting Lead Teacher of EYFS & Nursery Teacher

Mrs S Codrington

Nursery Nurse

Mr G Cadge

Nursery Nurse

Ms R Heeps

Primary SENCO

Ms J MacDonald

Higher Level TA

Ms J Henry-Lowe

Higher Level TA

Mrs D Jackson

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs D Kasap

Teaching Assistant

Mrs  L Carter

Teaching Assistant

Ms J Gardiner

Teaching Assistant

Ms K Nunes

Teaching Assistant

Ms M Henry-Lowe

Teaching Assistant

Ms L Smith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs I Adeboye

Teaching Assistant




Mrs A Woodford-Smith

Head of Faculty

Ms S Bearman

Second in Charge, English

Mr G Gordon

Teacher of English & Spanish

Mr T James

Teacher of English

Mr T De Angeli

Teacher of English

Mr E Smith

Teacher of English

Ms R Ray

Teacher of English

Mr B Rutledge

Teacher of English

Mrs F Currie


Mrs S Mathews





Ms K Muraszko

Head of Faculty

Mr A Abbs

Second in Charge, Maths

Mr P West

Teacher of Maths & Head of Year 7

Mr C Bradshaw

Teacher of Maths & Lead Teacher for Numeracy

Ms S Quinn

Teacher of Maths




Ms U Laurent

Head of Faculty & Lead Teacher for Geography

Mr W Jellis

Lead Teacher of History & Head of Year 11

Mr L Hardy

Lead Teacher of Religious Education

Ms H Gardner

Teacher of History & Humanities

Mr F Crowley

Teacher of Geography & Humanities




Ms A Rodriguez

Director of Learning for MFL & Associate Assistant Head for Behaviour

Ms E Dello Buono

Teacher of MFL & Head of Year 8

Mr G Gordon

Teacher of MFL

Ms L Talarico

Teacher of Spanish

Mrs A Perez

Teacher of Spanish




Mrs M Ahmed

Head of Faculty

Ms A Gowans

Second in Charge, Science

Ms E Young

Teacher of Science

Ms J Bonsu

Teacher of Science

Ms E Robinson

Teacher of Science

Ms M Amodu

Lead Teacher of Computer Science

Mrs M Dudys Kelleher

Science Technician




Ms S Stirling

Head of Faculty

Mr A Goodacre

Lead Teacher of Design & Technology

Ms O Rumball

Teacher of Design Technology

Ms E Watson

Lead Teacher of Physical Education & Head of Year 9

Ms K Douglas

Teacher of Physical Education & Head of Year 10

Mr C Yoxall

Teacher of Physical Education

Mr D Hotton

DT Technician

Mr G Singh

Teaching Assistant for PE




Mr R Sanchez Molina

Higher Level TA

Ms A Ikomi

Higher Level TA

Mrs L Gorman

Higher Level TA

Mr L Parfett

Higher Level TA




Mrs C Cooper

SENCO / Associate Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion

Ms A Hogg

Inclusion Co-Ordinator & Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Mr R Wade

Behaviour Manager

Mr O Emaru

Behaviour Officer

Ms C Bell

Behaviour Officer

Mrs L Gorman


Ms L Mew

Teaching Assistant

Ms N Chandramohan

Teaching Assistant




Mrs I Young


Mr A Mole

Finance Officer

Ms K Sarris

Finance Assistant

Ms Z Smith

Data Manager & Exams Officer

Mrs K Anderson

Attendance Officer

Mrs C Haydon

Office Manager & Admissions

Ms P Heslop


Mrs M Forsyth


Miss N Coughlin

PA to Headship Team

Mrs S Wallace

Media Reprographics Assistant




Mrs D Earl

Senior Meals Supervisor

Mrs J Peters

Meals Supervisor

Ms S Chit

Meals Supervisor