Prendergast Vale School Library


Hello, we are delighted that you are looking at our library webpage. It may mean that you love books as much as we do!

At Prendergast Vale School, we want to encourage as many of our students as possible to use the library facilities. By learning to use our service, they will gain the skills they need to access larger public and university libraries with real success and with a hugely positive impact on their present and future studies. They will also have a source of enjoyment and reading pleasure that can continue throughout their entire lifetimes.

The aim of our Library staff is to support the whole school community by fostering a love of books in the students, supporting the curriculum, providing a safe and happy alternative learning environment within the school and by helping students to develop skills of independent learning.


Opening hours:

The library is open throughout the school day, with a Librarian available from 10am ‘til 2pm every week day.


Resources available:

  • Non-fiction books for borrowing
  • Fiction books for borrowing - novels, graphic novels, poetry, plays and stories (please see our fiction age rating statement)
  • Reference books – encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases and university prospectuses
  • 30 kindle readers 
  • A selection of magazines for use in the library
  • 5 PC computers with internet access, security settings and attached to a black and white printer for use by students in the library for homework and research

How to borrow books:

A maximum of 2 books per student may be borrowed for up to 2 weeks at a time. This time can be extended by bringing the book in to the library for renewal. Books are the responsibility of the borrower and must be paid for or replaced if lost or damaged.


Library Staff:

Ms Samantha Mathews BA

Ms Frances Currie BA, MA

0208 297 3540 ex.613073