Year 7 Admissions


Year 7 Admissions

Moving to a new school can be a daunting prospect, whether it is at the time of transition from primary to secondary school or later on as a mid-year transfer. At Prendergast Vale School you will find a warm and friendly welcome. Your first point of contact will be a member of the admissions team who will ensure that your questions are answered and that you are kept fully informed about the process of applying for a place at the school.

We are very aware of the challenges and concerns that pupils and parents face during the transition between primary and secondary school.

Prendergast Vale School is a very popular school and therefore over subscribed for entry into Year 7 at secondary school transfer. Applicants are ranked according to our Admissions Criteria and places are allocated to those who rank the highest.  Waiting lists are kept and as places become available these are offered to applicants who are next in line. Similarly, as we are usually full in all year groups, waiting lists are kept of applicants who wish to make an in-year transfer to the school.

All applications are initially processed through your home Local Authority. The process for applying for a place in Year 7 starts when students enter Year 6 at primary school in the September prior to their transfer to secondary school. We hold our annual Open Days in September where have the opportunity to visit the school and meet the Headteacher. 

If you are moving to the area or wish to apply for an in-year transfer at any other time of the year, we can arrange for you to have a tour of the school. Please contact our Office and Admissions Manager, Miss Providence at to ask for advice or arrange an appointment.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Prendergast Vale School.