Educational Visits (2017-2018)

Lewisham Fire Station Visit

Reception had a fantastic trip to Lewisham Fire Station this week! As part of our ‘People who help us’ topic we visited the Fire Station to meet some firefighters and learn about their job. We learnt all about fire safety in our homes and what a fire dectector sounds like. We then got to go inside a fire engine, try on firefighter clothes and even spray water out of the fire hoses. We learnt so much and had great fun!

Horniman Museum Trip

On Friday 20th of October year 1 visited the Horniman Museum. We went not for an exhibition but to walk the mile-long Nature Trail. We found bird nests and berries, bugs and plants. After walking the trail, we went to the Dutch Barn for a rest and some lunch. We were able to talk about what we had found and what was the best part. After we met the animals at the Animal Walk. There were goats, llamas, sheep and chickens. We then headed back to school chatting excitedly about our great day out. 

Debate Mate Trip

On Tuesday 31st October, Mr. Burt and myself took 16 keen and enthusiastic Debate Maters to the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster to attend the 2017 Debate Mate launch.

On arrival at the Emmanuel Centre, the students met this years mentor who will be working with them in the upcoming weeks,. We then took our places in the grand hall and waited for the 'show' to start.
The students from Prendergast Vale were joined by nearly a thousand other debaters from other schools in London in order to attend the official launch of this years Debate Mate.

Firstly, the Programme Director of the successful charity told the attendees at the venue the plan for the upcoming year. The new structure of the programme was introduced, with details of the competitions that our students will be partaking in revealed. Furthermore, the debaters were reminded of the fact that they will potentially have a chance to compete and show off their debating skills at the House of Lords at the end of the year, if they are successful at the Urban Debate League.

After this, the students had the opportunity to watch a 'show debate.' PVS pupils were lucky enough to see 8 experienced debaters in action. The professional debaters have either been part of the English debating team, or have previously taken part in debates in the House of Lords. The motion for the debate was 'this house believes students should be able to elect their headmasters.' PVS watched this debate enthusiastically and came up with questions to ask the debaters at the end.

Overall, the day was a huge success with the students behaving perfectly throughout the day. A highlight was seeing the students so eager to be involved in the floor debate, with 5/6 students jumping out their seats trying to ask questions to the show debaters. 

Daniella E Y8 -'Thanks so much for taking us yesterday, the trip was so good - I can't wait to get started'