Year 5 Trip to HMS Belfast and IMS

Y5 Trip to HMS Belfast and IMS

In a meticulously planned operation, HMS Belfast was boarded, explored and enjoyed by Prendergast Vale Y5 today before lunch. The class split into 4 crack teams to cover all corners of the vessel from engine room to gun turrets and galley to medical room (the sharp-eyed even spotted the ship's cat). Our children's behaviour was entirely shipshape and seaworthy - in particular, saluting one another seemed to be the order of the day!

At precisely 11:45 the team departed with military precision to travel to the Imperial War Museum main site, where the Family at War exhibition provided atmospheric and immersive sense of London during the Blitz - although the Anderson shelter seemed to hold little fear for out brave heroes.

There were no casualties, although some healthy fatigue was apparent on return to base. Condolences to Isaac whose sudden bout of unwellness meant we had to leave him at school to be picked-up in the morning, and thanks very much to Ayman's mother Khadra who joined and supported us throughout the day.