Andrei Burzo Y7 built this model of glucose during a science lesson today, where students were asked to build methane, water and sodium chloride. The formula for glucose was on the board but I told them to focus on simple models - how silly am I! He showed his initiative and build it anyway and so I asked Susan to take a photo.


Carol Singing in Lewisham Centre - December 2017

Prendergast Vale Year 7 students have been proudly singing Christmas Carols in the Lewisham shopping centre during the last two weeks. They have been keenly rehearsing and the expressions on their faces demonstrates their commitment and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to see secondary school students keen to hold on to Christmas traditions in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Everyone, including the shoppers thoroughly enjoyed their singing which raised £101. Well done Year 7!

 Carol Singing - December 2017