Year 9/10 GCSE Drama Trip - National Theatre

On Wednesday 6th December, students from the Year 9/10 GCSE Drama group attended a performance of ‘Pinocchio’ at The National Theatre. The performance featured songs from the Disney version, along with new music and an exciting use of puppetry that engaged an audience of both adults and children.

Yesterday we went to the National theatre to go to watch Pinocchio and I really enjoyed it. It was enjoyable because they had giant puppets with the actors controlling them which made them appear bigger than the actor playing Pinocchio. Overall, I had a fantastic time and felt lucky to go see good show. Kwabena Peprah, Year 9.

Pinocchio was visually stunning. The puppets felt real and the attention of the viewer was therefore never on the actors manning it. It was easy to understand the emotions of the characters and I found it interesting that the real actors voiced the puppets. All of the actors were fantastic. My favourite was the fox as you could really feel his slyness and he constantly made the audience question his motives, but he was also funny. Louis Brown, Year 9.

The trip was very fun. My favourite part of when they created a massive whale on the stage. It looked amazing. I had been on a drama trip 2 weeks prior where we went backstage to look at the props and learnt how to make the puppets, which made it even more exciting to see them in action and how they are used in the actual performance.  Dylan Andrew, Year 9.