Charity Carol Concert

Raising our Voices, Raising Funds

On Monday 8th December, the Primary choir took part in a nationwide charity initiative called ‘Choirs for Change’. This project sees choirs of all ages, background and genres take to the streets to sing in public in order to raise funds and awareness for charity. When the charity Health Poverty Action first got in touch, to see if we wanted to be involved, the children jumped at the chance to use their love of singing to do something good. Health Poverty Action is a charity who works to insure people suffering from extreme poverty in developing countries have access to medical care and treatments.

The children worked incredibly hard on the various Christmas carols and songs to make sure we could provide an outstanding show. Deep down they all knew the stakes were high for this performance as they knew there were people who needed our help. On the day, we arrived at Blackheath rail station and were met by a fabulously enthusiastic representative from Health Poverty Action - who had organised our event for us. Once set up, the children payed no mind to the cold, crisp December afternoon and just sang their hearts out. Boyed by the positive response, the children’s performance went from strength to strength and their confidence soured as our set went on. The public’s reaction was incredible, people sang along, clapped and cheered and we even had a few requests. All in all, it was a brilliantly successful and joyful day; in just one hour of singing, our choir managed to raise over £135 for the charity and they were delighted. Here’s to more songtastic, charitable performances in the future.

Miss Levane.


Singing Quotes

When I am singing I feel like am flying and I also feel like I am free. I am very happy that I got in the choir…my career will not stop now. - Jadesola 4W

Singing makes me feel like I’m on top of the worlds and that I can achieve anything if I try. When I and tired and frustrated singing comforts and refreshes me. - Maya 4W

Frist of all, singing is wonderful so never miss out on some singing. When I sing I actually understand how nice this world is. Singing is like a stress ball because all the worries and bad things disappear. You should never give up with singing; always know that you can do it. Singing brightens my day and makes me feel super. – Nehir Y6

When I sing it makes me feel alive. I love playing the piano too. I am really excited to be in the choir. – Matthew 4W

I like to sing because it has always been that part of me that gets me out of bad things in life and lets me be myself. I can also express all my emotions into a song and let it out. I also sing because I can keep everyone around me and myself happy with my voice. Also, wherever I am, I can just sing and I feel at home. And, when I see the smiles on people’s faces it makes me feel like I can do anything. – Anon Yr6

Singing awakens the soul and enlivens the spirit.

When we sing as one we become unified in a deep way.