Amanda Le Roux Talk at Prendergast Vale School

I care about my career talks

On 11th January we began a series of talks by people who have led highly successful careers. Our first speaker was Amanda Le Roux, Vice President for Europe of the beauty products company Aveda.  

Comments from Year 10 students about the talk

I attended the talk by Amanda Le Roux on 11th January. The talk was incredibly helpful as it gave me the ideas of what a careers could look like. It gave me an insight into her experiences working for both large companies and small companies. The talk also gave an opportunity to ask questions that she hadn’t covered in her speech. This was useful as it gave us a chance to get a grasp at what a successful career looked like.

The presentation was helpful as it gave us an insight into the world of beauty and business. It also told us what we need to do to achieve this.

Amanda provided the following comments about her experience of presenting to students at Prendergast Vale School:

I was delighted to be able to come and share some of my experiences and advice to Years 9 + 10 at the school and was impressed with the participation and questions that the students asked. I think there will be some budding entrepreneurs and successful leaders from this audience!