Middle Temple Trip

10 Year 10 students had the unique opportunity to visit Middle Temple in Central London, a prestigious and exclusive centre for barristers, lawyers and solicitors. At the start of the day, students were greeted by law professionals and were taught about the key people involved in law before getting the chance to study their own case.

Students were joined by another school and split into two groups. They were given a criminal case scenario that involved dangerous driving leading to an accident and completed a 'mock trial' either defending or prosecuting the driver. The students were joined by top lawyers at the Temple, a jury who would make the overall decision and a judge who decided the outcome based on their arguments.

After the mock trial, we were taken to the grand hall and treated to a three course meal, surrounded by members or parliament and other lawyers. Throughout the day, the students were professional and respectful and incredibly keen to learn more. One barrister commented that the students behaved and acted like real lawyers and that he was incredibly impressed with their enthusiastic attitude.

Comments from students:

Nasteho - 'I enjoyed the trip so much, i've learnt that the Barrister and law industry is such a respectable and interesting environment. We particpated in an activity that really allowed us to see a law court situation.'

Aliyah  V - 'The highlight of my trip was being in the shoes of a prosecution witness and how it would feel.'

Heward - The trip was very joyful and I have learnt the procedures of court. My highlight was acting as a lawyer and the food.'