Events and trips

Year 2 trip to The Museum of London – 24 September 2018

On the 24 September Year 2 visited The Museum of London. The focus was to explore the War, Fire and Plague gallery. The students had great time finding information in a mini scavenger hunt where they worked in groups to answer questions. The students watched a mini film explaining how the fire spread and what happened to the people and the buildings. On returning to school the class used the information they had collected in a diary entry, talking about the day the fire started.

     Year 2 Museum of London Year 2 Museum of London 2 Year 2 Museum of London 3

Year 6 trip to The British Museum – 26 September 2018

On the 26 September 2018, the children in Year 6 visited the British Museum to support their learning on Ancient Greece. The children had the opportunity to see different artefact to determine what life must have been like during that period.

Ava-Marie - I enjoyed the museum a lot. I was fascinating to see that every artefact I saw told a story; I don't think I would have liked to be born around that time.

                                 Year 6 british museum 1  Year 6 British Museum 2

Year 4 trip to The Natural History Museum V&A – 27 September 2018

On Thursday 27 September, Year 4 visited the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. At the Natural History Museum, we watched a live show on the classification of living things before exploring the museum’s collections dedicated to animals. At the Victoria and Albert Museum, we took part in an Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture workshop where we investigated objects from over a thousand years ago. We also had a chance to design our own Anglo-Saxon brooch!

            Year 4 Natural History 1 Year 4 Natural History 2 Year 4 Natural History 3

Year 3 trip to The British Museum – 4 October 2018

Year 3 visited the British Museum to find out more about the Stone Age. They were able to look at the artefacts and sketch them. The best part was using the museum’s iPads for a treasure hunt using the artefacts and information in the display cases. They were fascinated to discover that Stone Age man could make beautiful jewellery.

“It was the best day of my life”

“I really enjoyed the trip and finding out about the Stone Age.”

“The iPads were fun to use.”

                                 Year 3 British Museum 1 Year 3 British Museum 2

               Year 3 British Museum 3

Year 5 trip to Royal Observatory – 10th October 2018

On Wednesday 10 October, Year 5A and 5H travelled to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory. The day was fantastic and full of information.

Both classes had been learning about Space, both in Science and in their topic. The children had a session with a scientist where he explained how we have managed to power rockets to travel into the great unknown of space. The scientist even gave a live demonstration using a leaf blower!

The children were also booked into the planetarium to watch a presentation about the sheer vastness of space. This was an incredible 45 minutes, full of wows and sounds of excitement, and that was just from the teachers!

Both Year 5 classes managed to squeeze a lot into our day, even fitting in a quick visit to the meridian time line before heading home. A great trip.

"I'd never quite realised the actual size of space!" Safa

"This made me want to come back with my mum to show her what we learnt" Omario

                        Year 5 Observatory 1 Year 5 Observatory 2

Reception trip to Build-a-Bear – 17 October 2018

Reception has a lovely trip to Build-a-Bear on Wednesday. They got the bus to the Build-a-Bear workshop where they chose two fluffy class teddy bears. They learnt how to stuff the bears and wash them. They also chose amazing outfits for the bears. These teddies will be visiting the children's homes soon, and they cannot wait!

Year 5 and 6 residential trip to France – 29 October 2018

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic opportunity to visit France for a week. The children had an amazing time. For many, it was the first time on a ferry, visiting France and trying snails and frogs legs.

Elise Koke (Year 5): I loved visiting Paris, especially seeing the Eiffel tower close up - it was huge!

Daniel Thompson (Year 6): I found it really challenging being away from home and having no luxuries like Wi-Fi. I was really pushed to try outdoor activities like Jacob's ladder, it was so high.

                       Year 6 France 1 Year 6 France 2 Year 6 France 3

Year 1 trip to the Royal Observatory – 30 October 2018

Year 1 visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich as part of our Journey into Space topic. Here the children engaged in Ted’s Space Adventure in the planetarium, traveling to different planets and looking at how they are different to one another. The children also got a chance to be seasonal explorers, looking at the different seasons we have throughout the year and how this affects the weather and the clothes we wear.

                                                 Year 1 Observatory 1 Year 1 Observatory 2

KS2 Choir trip to London Bridge – 12 December 2018

The KS2 Choir went to London Bridge on Wednesday 12 December to sing as part of the Choirs for Change charity. The students sang and brought Christmas cheer to the commuters at London Bridge station for a whole hour. Within the hour Choir managed to raise a whopping £146.04. I am so proud of the choir and the energy and effort they put in. Thank you to the parents that came and supported us. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Larni Grant
Year 2 class teacher & KS1 Lead

                                                  KS2 Christmas 1

Reception trip to Lewisham Train Station - 18 January 2019

Reception had an excellent trip to Lewisham Train Station as part of our ‘Transport’ topic. The friendly staff showed us around the ticket office and control room and the children learnt all about the different jobs that people do at the station. The children made announcements and gave out tickets. We also had a great talk from the Railway Safety Officers who taught the children all about safety first at the train station. Look out for our artwork decorating the piano in the middle of the station!

                                Fire station1 Fire station2 Fire station3

Year 2 trip to Mudchute Farm and Park - 3 April 2019

The children were excited to see the animals and experience the farm. Some highlights were the horses, seeing a turkey and the pigs. The children also enjoyed learning about the ‘Ack Ack gun’ and how it was used in the war.

Mudchute 1 Mudchute 2 Mudcute 3