Admission to Year 7 - Secondary Transition

The secondary transfer application process begins in September.  The school hold an Open Evening and several Open Mornings in September/October each year for Year 7 entry. For more information, please click here. If you are unable to attend one of our Open Events, we will arrange for a member of the team to give you a personal tour of the school.  

Please note that for academic year 2021-22, the furthest distance place we offered on National Offer Day was 5259.58m from the school.

Parents are able to find further information about the secondary transfer process in Lewisham in the Education section of the website of the London Borough of Lewisham.

National Offer day is Monday 1 March 2022.


For more information on Secondary appeals 2022, please click here.

In-Year Admissions

If you are moving into the area or are interested in joining our school at any point other than the usual admission point into Reception, you will need to apply direct to Prendergast Vale School.  


How to apply

To apply direct to Prendergast Vale School for an in-year place, you will need to complete our online in-year application form and send to admissions@prendergast-vale:

In-year application form

Online applications are preferred. A paper copy of the form is available on request. Paper application forms must be returned to Prendergast Vale School, as outlined in the form.


Admission criteria

The admission criteria for in-year admissions are the same oversubscription criteria as published in our Determined Admissions Policy each year.

  • Our Admissions Policies can be found on the links below. 


Waiting lists

Waiting lists are held in the same order as the admission oversubscription criteria. Prendergast Vale School operates its own in-year admissions and waiting lists for all year groups, with the exception of in-year admissions to Reception and Year 7 between September - December each year. Waiting lists for these years groups are held by Lewisham Admissions Team for the Autumn term only. 

If your circumstances change, such as a change of address, or some other relevant change to your situation, please submit a new application with this new information, and provide supporting documents.

Please re-submit your application via email or contact the school via the details below.

The school participates in Lewisham Local Authority’s In-Year Fair Access Protocol and children may be prioritised over those children on the waiting list for admission under this protocol.


Contact Admissions

Please email our Admissions team:
(Emails are monitored during term time only when the school is open.)

Or call the school via telephone number: 020 8297 3540 (school hours only)

Admissions Policies

Determined Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Determined Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Determined Admissions Policy 2022-2023

Useful links

London Borough of Lewisham - School Admissions