Events and trips

Year 11 trip to Tate Modern – 18 October 2018

On Thursday 18 October we took 32 Year 11 art and photography students to the Tate Modern in London. The photographers were there to take photographs of their environment, architecture, lines, shape and textures to inspire their current coursework projects, as well as seek inspiration from the art work they saw. The fine art students were encouraged to spend time practicing their sustained observational drawings to enhance their coursework further. 

The students produced some lovely work from the visit and have used the artists chosen to inspire their ideas further. We will be taking the Year 10s to the National Portrait Gallery in November and the Year 9s to Tate Britain in December for their current coursework projects. 

Ella Byran: At the end of half term 1, we went to the Tate Modern art gallery. We previously went in Year 9 and revisited recently (2 years later). The trip was very educational as I was able to find new artists that I have never heard of before as we are always taught about world known artists. This trip had not only inspired my art work, but also the way I format my art book. Overall I would say the trip to the Tate Modern was successful for my coursework and the way I look at art on the whole. 

Tate 4Tate 3Tate 2 Tate 1

Year 7 and 8 trip to see Andy Briggs – 19 October 2018

On 19 October 2018 we took 10 male students from Years 7 and 8 to see author and screenwriter Andy Briggs talk at Forest Hill School. He talked about writing for television as part of a team including for Disney, and about the fun of writing comic books. He vividly described researching his ‘Tarzan’ books in Africa and about writing his ‘Hero.Com’ and ‘Villain.Net’ series in which kids download superpowers off the internet. He was promoting his latest book ‘Drone Racer’, followed by a book signing.  It was a very worthwhile trip!

    Briggs Briggs 3 Briggs 2

Year 11 trip to Ham House – 6 November 2018

On Tuesday 6 November all Year 11 history students visited Ham House as part of their history GCSE course. Students spent the day at Ham House as they will be required to answer a question on the historical site in the section of their GCSE course which focuses on Restoration England. Students all received a tour of the house which focused on the building's architecture. They also had the opportunity to work in small groups to further discover the history of the building and its gardens whilst completing their resource packs.

The National Trust commented that, "the volunteers were really happy with your school.  When we see someone have a connection with one of our places for the first time it makes it all worthwhile."

Students had the following to say about the trip:

Paolo: “My favourite part of the house was the paintings. I found it really interesting to learn how the paintings were made and to discover that there was so much symbolism behind each painting.”

Ethan: “I really enjoyed the day, I found out much more about Ham House that I hadn't been able to find in my studies so far.”

Ham House 3 Ham House 2 Ham House 1

Years 7 – 10 trip to the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster – 1 November 2018

On Thursday, 20 students visited the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster to watch professional debates and debate on the controversial motion 'this house would ban fried chicken shops.'

This trip was a great opportunity to watch a show debate featuring world class debaters and students that have been involved in the Debate Mate programme before. Students also had the opportunity to take part in the floor debate in front of a large audience of their peers. It was incredibly valuable and has made sure that the students are excited about starting Debate Mate this academic year!

                    Emmanuel 1 Emmanuel 3

Year 10 trip to the National Portrait Gallery – 16 November 2018

On Friday 16 November we took 41 Year 10 GCSE students to the National Portrait Gallery in London. They were visiting to find out more about portraiture artists and gain inspiration for their portraiture and identity coursework project, as well as practice their drawing skills.

My Khanh says: We visited the National Portrait Gallery to draw and create sustained primary drawings, which links to our theme this yearof  "portrait and identity." We saw artists such as Lucian Freud and paintings and photographs of the Royal family. The day was very enjoyable with a lovely lunch outside in Trafalgar Square, before heading back to Charing Cross to catch the train. Overall, the experience in the gallery was amazing, with lots of influential artists and it was relaxing to draw for a longer period of time - it was a very nice day.

      Portrait Gallery 1 Portrait Gallery 2 Portrait Gallery 3

Year 11 trip to Skills London – 23 November 2018

On 23 November students from 11P visited Skills London 2018, the UK's biggest jobs and careers event for 15 - 24 year olds, held at the London Excel Centre.

Our students were given the opportunity to discover careers through interactive activities and demonstrations and also talk to representatives from over 240 exhibitors which included employers, universities, colleges and training providers.

Year 10 Rugby trip – 6 December 2018

The students who went on the Oxbridge Varsity Rugby trip were a pleasure to take and were fantastic role models for the school. Students watched two rugby matches, listened to a lecture about Oxford and Cambridge and discussed with student ambassadors about life at university. Many student asked questions and came away full of knowledge and inspired with high aspirations for their future in education.

Student comments:

My Khanh: “I think it was an amazing opportunity to speak to the university students and ask them about their experiences. Further it helped me to think about my future education and life. Plus the rugby matches were very enjoyable to watch.”

Kanyinsola: “I believe that the rugby trip was a great opportunity to see rugby at a professional level. Also the university talk was a great taster for our future. It was a fun and enjoyable trip and I loved every minute and I believe that the trip helped us to focus on what we would like to do in the future.”

               Rugby 2 Rugby 1

Year 11 Cloud 9 English Workshop – 8 December 2018

A group of Year 11 top set English students travelled to Forest Hill School on Thursday 8 December to attend the ‘Cloud 9’ English GCSE workshop, where they joined students from other schools including Prendergast, Trinity, Sydenham, St Matthews and Addey and Stanhope.

Students were dazzled by complex concepts drawn from literary theory, history and politics and then challenged to apply these new concepts to unseen poems. PV students gave a particularly great account of themselves – at the end of the day, the two winning tables had table leaders from PV, but of course, there were enough tasty prizes to go around.


Louis Hudson: “Before we arrived at the workshop we went to Hilly Fields Park to write poems about nature. This was actually incredibly useful as it gave us refreshing insights into a writer’s methods and motivations. When we shared our poems with the group it was also a reminder that anything can be said to have meaning or a purpose in literature – this was one of the key themes of the day. In the workshop itself it was great to look at some really challenging literary concepts together and then try and apply them to unseen poems. It was especially great to split into different groups after the first activity and work with students from other schools.”

Kieran Redmond: “I’m very grateful for this experience, what a great opportunity. We learned some amazing literary concepts (and some ridiculous ones) which I am looking forward to using within my own essays and sharing with my friends.”

Hewad Sayed: “It was genuinely inspiring - to feel like there are no limits to what you can say about a piece of writing as long as you can back it up with evidence from the text. It was also great to be around other Year 11 students who are all going through the same challenges as we are.”

       Cloud 9 Cloud 9 3 Cloud 9 2

Year 9 trip to Tate Britain - 29 January 2019

On Tuesday 29th January the art department took 45 Year 9 Fine Art and Photography GCSE students to Tate Britain in London.

The Fine Art students were looking for artists that focused on objects and the meanings behind them and how more modern and contemporary artists made work beyond the classic “still life” we are familiar with. They were asked to complete at least 3 sustained observational drawings as part of their first coursework project. The Photography students have been looking at their environment and a variety of approaches to documenting it. They are currently focusing on street photography and used the opportunity today, to not only photograph their journey in and out of London, but to experience a selection of new photographers who also use their environment as their inspiration. All the students were asked to pick an artist to focus on and will be researching their work in more depth for homework. They will then be asked to use the artists work as a starting point for their own independent ideas.


Molly: "I really enjoyed our fine art and photography trip the Tate Britain because I feel it really gave us an educational understanding of our topic:street photography.
It was very good to see the art we had been looking at in real life rather than on a screen in a classroom and also we could take very good photos of them."

Neha: "Me and my whole art class went on a trip to Tate Britain. We took the train and upon arrival we were greeted by the staff then set off on our art journey. I really enjoyed myself on this trip to Tate Britain, it tells me anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to. The trip also helped me learn about abstract art because before the trip I didn’t understand why anyone would like or choose to do it but now I know every abstract piece has meaning behind it, powerful or not."

                       Mozart  Tate Britain

Year 11 Drama trip to Piccadilly Theatre - 29 January 2019

On Tuesday 29th January Year 11 Drama students went to Piccadilly Theatre to watch the acclaimed National Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.

Students had the opportunity to enjoy Mark Haddon’s best-selling novel being brought to thrilling life on stage.

Kieran: "It was so inspiring."

Noura: "The best thing I have ever seen in my life"

                  Theatre2 Jan 2019 Theatre Jan 2019

Secondary trip to STEM Conference - 30 January 2019

To increase the awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers available to girls we took ten students to an STEM conference on Wednesday 30th January 2019.

During the evening the girls had the opportunity to listen to how three successful women became experts in their field of science and then had the opportunity to ask questions to these expert guests. It was a very interesting and inspiring evening. 

Delilah, Year 10: "The STEM trip was highly stimulating and very inspiring to girls interested in Science. We spoke to women of all different stages of their careers, including Sarah Russell, a top planetary scientist globally. As well as being professional and intelligent, the talks were authentic and friendly – the comfortable atmosphere made asking questions easy."

Keziah, Year 9: "The STEM event was very informative because it gave us ideas about what our career could be in the future. My favourite subject was volcanology."

Daniella, Year 9: "The STEM event was very interesting. There were three guest speakers who explained how they ended up in their careers and their plans for the future. It was very inspiring."

                   STEM1 STEM2