Year 1

Year 1 is led by Miss Ross and supported by Mrs Kasap.

We recognise that Year 1 is quite a challenging time for pupils and strive to ensure that the transition from Reception to Key Stage 1 is a smooth one. In KS1 we teach phonics using espresso phonics, focussing on all children knowing phase 3 and 5 sounds by the end of year 1.

A major focus is of course on phonics, so that the children are ready for the screening check in June. We aim to make phonics fun and interactive and to tie it into all of our learning throughout the day. Phonics is an area of the English curriculum where we focus on the sounds in words as we read and write. We also focus largely on transcription and the consistent use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. All of our English content is linked to our topics.

Our topics this academic year are:

Autumn One - Journey into Space

Autumn Two - London Town

Spring One - Exploring China

Spring Two - Important People from History

Newsletter - Spring Half-term 2

Summer One - Seasons and Plants

Summer Two – Looking Forward

Within each topic we aim for cross curricular links where possible, such as researching in topic for writing in English. This helps us to cover the full curriculum while allowing learning to have a purpose. Pupils enjoy it immensely and watching them grow throughout the year is amazing.

During the year our main mathematic focus is on numbers. We work on addition and subtraction, place value, multiplication and division. We begin by understanding the numbers and how they are used in the different ways and then link the pupils understanding to real life problems. When focusing on measurement and geometry we aim to do this using real world challenges.

As well as Maths and English the students engage in a wide and varied curriculum. In PE we are focused on fitness and sports skills. This includes throwing, catching, hitting and kicking. When teaching ICT, we are focused on the safe use of the internet and coding. In music our focus is on singing and simple beats and rhythms. We participate in singing assembly each week and build to performances each term. In RE we are learning about the different religions and seeing how we can apply the values they uphold to our own life. We are also looking at the similarities and differences between different religions. Throughout the year we are learning about Growth Mindset. This is where we have the belief that we can achieve anything… even if we can’t do it yet.

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