Year 3

Year 3 is led by Mr Pereira and supported by Miss Adeboye.

Year 3 is an exciting year as the children have moved from Key Stage One and are facing new challenges as they enter Key Stage Two. We make our topic for each term cross-curricular to provide the children with an immersive and experience-rich understanding of the topic focus. For example, in our Stone Age topic, the children can expect to learn about how they lived, visit caves and make their own cave paintings, as well as write diaries from their point of view. The topics we will study this year include:

Autumn One - The Romans

Autumn Two - Light vs Dark

Spring One - Stone Age Rocks

Spring Two - Maybe it's because I’m a Londoner

Newsletter - Spring Half-Term 2

Summer One - How your Garden Grows

Summer Two - Healthy Me

As the new curriculum has presented new challenges with more depth of knowledge expected from the children, the children are taught specific grammar lessons on a weekly basis, as well as regular mental maths sessions to enhance their skills.

In English, the children will have the opportunity to write various non-fiction pieces, including instructions and information texts. They will also write recounts in the form of newspaper articles and diary entries, and will have the chance to create and perform their own poetry.  Year 3 change their books weekly and are encouraged to read to themselves or with an adult every day. We use the Collins 'Big Cat' reading scheme books.

In Maths, there is a greater focus on honing their number bond and fact skills, with the view to them increasing their proficiency and confidence in  additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. They will also learn about fractions, telling the time and units of measurement.

Year 3 enjoy regular circle time which involves discussion about various personal, social and health topics that are age appropriate. This year, we are concentrating on what makes a good friend, kindness and setting and achieving goals, which all help the children develop their interpersonal and perseverance skills that will support them to achieve their full potential in Year 3. They also have the opportunity to participate in an overnight stay at Arethusa.