Year 4

Year 4 is led by Ms Whitehall and supported by Ms Gardiner.

In English, children are supported to develop strong comprehension skills through guided reading activities and a class focus on discovering and using new vocabulary. Throughout the year, children gain experience in writing for a range of different audiences and purposes. They are taught how to improve the quality and effectiveness of their writing by using varied types of sentences, punctuation and descriptive techniques. Children are given opportunities to self and peer-assess and are encouraged to develop a proactive attitude towards responding to feedback and editing their work.

In Maths, children are supported to develop a secure understanding of place value as they move towards working with larger numbers. Children continue to develop their fluency in using the four operations, with both written and mental methods practised throughout the year. There is a strong focus on times tables, as by the end the end of Year 4 times tables up to 12 should be memorized alongside their corresponding division facts.

In science, we cover a range of topics, including: living things and their habitats, animals including humans, sound, states of matter and electricity. Through these topics, the skills of investigating, predicting, observing, recording, concluding and reporting are practised and developed.

The topics we are teaching this year (delivered through English, History, Geography, Art and Design) include:

Autumn One - The Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

Autumn Two - The Digestive System

Spring One - Ancient China

Spring Two - Contrasting Urban & Rural Locations

Newsletter - Spring Half-Term 2

Summer One - The Water Cycle

Summer Two - Electricity.

We organize exciting school trips each half-term to enhance the learning.

Year 3 and 4 also benefit from a residential trip to Arethusa, where they develop their independence, resilience and teamwork skills, whilst participating in outdoor activities.

For more information regarding the curriculum for Year 4, please visit: