Year 5

Year 5 is led by Ms Akalawu and Mr Hough

Support staff: Ms Henry-Lowe, Ms Carter and Miss Henry-Lowe

In English, children are encouraged to develop their understanding of different genres of writing, begin to understand themes that appear in a range of different writing and to think about how authors use language to create particular effects on their readers. Children will continue to develop and utilise cohesive devices within their writing and will focus on including more sophisticated punctuation. The aim is that the children will become more independent with their extended pieces of writing.

Children will deepen their understanding of spelling rules, learning to distinguish words that may often be confused. They also begin to use relative clauses beginning with words such as who, which, or where and to indicate degrees of possibility using modal verbs such as must, might, should, will etc. 

In Maths, children learn to read, write and order numbers to 1 million and understand the value of each digit in the number. They also begin to use negative numbers in context such as temperature. Children should be confident using standard written methods for all operations and develop a range of strategies to solve mental calculations efficiently. Children will also explore properties of numbers such as factor, multiple, square, cube and prime.

Children will apply their Maths and English skills in our topics throughout the year as we learn about:

Autumn One - Life for children during WW2

Autumn Two - The Victorians

Spring One - Modern Europe

Spring Two - Ancient Egypt

Newsletter - Spring Half-Term 2

Summer One - The Earth, Sun and Moon

Summer Two - Life Cycles


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