Year 6 KS2 2019 Results


The Year 6  KS2 2019 results for Maths, and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, in particular the percentage of children who achieved Greater Depth, were all well above national average. Results for reading were also good at Greater Depth. However the combined percentage score for reading, writing and Maths this year was significantly lower than the school had originally predicted. This was mainly due to the assessment for writing.

The percentage of children achieving the expected standard in the writing assessment was disappointingly low compared to previous years. As a school we quickly identified the reasons for the results in the writing assessment, and the issues leading to this have been robustly addressed.

Governors have received a detailed report about the results, and senior leaders will continue to report the school's progress throughout this year. We are all confident that outcomes will rapidly improve to the strong levels of previous years.

KS2 Performance data, Dec 2019