Arts Scholars

I am delighted to announce that 20 students across Year 10 and 11 have been selected as one of the first ever PVS Art Scholars. They have been chosen out of the year group to represent all that is artistic in the school and lead by example in line with the Vale Values (Value, Achieve, Lead, Excel). The Scholars have been given badges to wear to identify themselves and have been presented with an art welcome pack. The chosen students will be given responsibilities over the coming year that include; monitoring the art room and equipment during enrichments and interventions, setting a good example to younger year groups about how to behave in practical and creative lessons, possible technical demonstrations and videos for younger year groups.

The group will meet with me fortnightly during lunch times in the art room to discuss ideas and their role within the school.

The students should be very proud of themselves for being selected, as they have demonstrated the following: good leadership, positivity, hard-working, helpful, resilient, organised and fantastic art/photography students.

Ms Stirling 

Head of VPAT