Performance Data: KS4

Progress 8: 0.25

Progress 8 is based on students’ progress measured across eight subjects: English; mathematics; three other English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects (sciences, computer science, geography, history and languages); and three further subjects, which can be from the range of EBacc subjects, or can be any other approved, high-value arts, academic, or vocational qualification.

Attainment 8: 50.64

Attainment 8 - showing pupils’ average achievement in the same suite of subjects as the Progress 8 measure.

% achieving a C in both English and maths; 59

The percentage of pupils achieving a C grade or better in both English (either Language or Literature) and mathematics.

% achieving the EBACC: 32

The EBacc recognises the success of those young people who attain GCSEs, or accredited versions of established iGCSEs, at grades A*- C across a core of academic subjects - English, mathematics, geography or history, the sciences and a language. To fulfil the EBacc, a pupil would need A*-C in English, mathematics, two sciences, a humanities and a language.

Destinations: No data available (according to OFSTED inspection dashboard)